Service Instructions

Although all Delco-Light models vary slightly in design the fundamentals of operation remain consistent.  One should have a working knowledge of mechanical and electrical principles in order to repair, operate and maintain a Delco.  Here are some general tips:

  • As with all old engines try to AVOID ETHANOL in your gasoline supply.  Ethanol absorbs water and will volatize in your fuel system attacking all steel, aluminum and brass components.  If you have an engine that has not been run in a long time be sure to have the gas tank boiled out before adding ethanol gasoline.  Otherwise the ethanol will dissolve old varnish and sludge deposits and carry them straight into your engine.  If you are in a state that mandates 10% or more ethanol be sure you completely drain it from your fuel system if you are not planning on running your engine for more than 7 days.
  • Kerosene can also be used in most Delco-Light engines.

  • Check your oil regularly.  Use a good quality 30 weight oil.