Various Difficulties That May Arise and the Points to Check.


Plant Will Not Crank, Lights Will Not Light

  1. Blown battery fuse.
  2. Open battery leads.
  3. Dead battery.


Plant Will Not Crank, But Lights Light

  1. Commutator dirty or brush arms stuck.
  2. Open brush lead.
  3. Open in armature.
  4. Open series field.


Plant Cranks But Will Not Run

  1. Spark plug fouled.
  2. If equipped with meter, contacts in meter open.
  3. Breaker points dirty.
  4. Condenser open or shorted.
  5. Contact in starter switch bad.
  6. Ignition coil broken down.
  7. No compression.
  8. No fuel to cylinder.


Low Output – Plant Will Not Run Up to Speed

  1. Back pressure in exhaust line.
  2. Poor compression.
  3. Out of time.
  4. Valves out of adjustment.
  5. Piston rings not seating.


Low Output – High Speed

  1. Series short switch making poor contact.
  2. Loose terminal connections at starting switch.
  3. Brush bracket out of adjustment.


Low Output – Normal Speed

  1. Poor ventilation.
  2. Generator and cover screen dirty.
  3. Partially shorted armature.
  4. Partially shorted field.


No Output – High Speed

  1. Open shunt field.