Your Delco-Light Plant will hopefully prove fun and enjoyable for you.  Please do not ruin it by not using common sense when it comes to safety.

    1.  Delco-Light plants are extremely heavy pieces of equipment.  Do not attempt to lift or move one by yourself.  You will only     end up smashing you fingers, crushing your foot and blowing out your back.

    2.  Never run your Delco-Light Plant without a load or storage batteries connected to the output circuit. *

    3.  Stay clear of the open flywheel on early models when running your light plant.

    4.  Due to the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, DO NOT attempt to run your Delco-Light Plant indoors unless the exhaust     is properly vented to the outdoors.

    5.  Be careful of sparking/arcing near batteries.  Dangerous and explosive hydrogen gas may be present.

    6.  As with any engine, do not attempt to refuel your light plant during operation.


    *To get to 32 volts DC you can use modern, regular automotive batteries.  You will need 3 batteries total - 2 twelve volt         batteries and 1 eight volt battery.