When brand new Delco-Light Plants were delivered it was the responsibility of the customer to have a battery rack already built.  The step type (shown) and shelf type consisted of two platforms 9" deep and 5'9" long built from 1 1/2" thick boards.  They were sometimes painted with black asphaltum paint to protect the wood from battery acid.  These original racks can still be found in basements and barns still in use but serving another purpose.  Light Plant Batteries are usually found with the covers and plates missing.  Complete batteries are rare, and should be handled with care to avoid acid spills/burns. 

KXG Type Battery

The KXG-7 had 7 plates per cell, the KXG-9 had 9 plates per cell, and the KXG-13 had 13 plated per cell.  They came with a 5 year warranty.

ICG "Ironclad" Type Battery

The Ironclad was and upgrade of the KXG series and came with a 7 year warranty.