Delco Radios

 Without a doubt every 32 volt DC radio that you will run across at a typical auction or flea market has been plugged into 110 volt AC current at one time or another with unquestionably disastrous results.  Be aware of this fact when you buy any old 32 volt DC radio.  It will need major repair!  Keep that fact in mind when you are considering a purchase price.  However old radio collecting is a field of its own and there is steady competition from the old radio collectors of the world keeping demand (and prices) for any old wooden radio high. 

Model 3201.  This is perhaps the most commonly found 32 Delco radio out there.

Model 3203.  Six tube, superhetero-dyne circuit. Full range tone selector, doublet antenna terminals, synchronous vibrator power supply.

Model 3204.  Superhetero-dyne receiver with 6 tubes and 10" speaker.  5.5 to 16 megacycle range.  Sold new in 1934 for $98.50.

Model 3205.  Two bands including broadcast, police, amateurs and airplane.  6" full dynamic speaker.  No batteries, no vibrator.

Model 4050.  This United Motors Home Radio is a 6 tube superhetero-dyne 32 volt DC. set.